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Unemployment Benefits


Two words:  Apply immediately!

     If you are or will be receiving severance payments from your company you will likely still qualify for unemployment.

     We have seen people who assumed, erroneously, that "If I'm receiving severance I can't receive unemployment at the same time". Many of these lost out on the 13-week extensions that were implemented in 2002 and now in 2003 costing them a few thousand dollars.

     The key issue is in the severance agreement terms. 99.9% of the time employers specify in a severance agreement that you give up the right to sue the company. In this case - you qualify for unemployment immediately whether or not you are currently receiving severance payments.

     If you did not give up the right to sue and you don't want or expect to sue your former employer, then you should either ask the severance agreement to be revised to give up this right or, maybe, send your former employer a notarized letter indicating something along the lines of "in consideration of the severance payments outlined in our agreement of XX/XX/XX, I hereby forfeit the right to sue the company". 

     So don't wait. Apply now! We've found the D.E.T to be very efficient and helpful.

Note: Always confirm these comments with MA DET.