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Self Assessment


One of the first things you’ll need to do is to take a fresh look at your accomplishments and skills.

TIP:  You are marketing a product – yourself – and you need to know your competitive

     The goal of self-assessment is document your accomplishments and lay the groundwork for your marketing material – resume, cover letters, elevator pitch. There are many methodologies, but one that is very effective is called PAR – Problem Action Results. (It is also sometimes called SAR Situation, Action Results.)

     The process is simply to review your career and select 6-8 problems you have solved that showcase your added value to a future employer and then write a few sentences on three topics:

  • What the problem was
  • What actions you took to solve the problem
  • What results came about as a result of your actions

     Try to quantify these results numerically whenever possible

Here is an example of one of the 6-8 problems analyzed for a marketing exec:

Title: Create new identity for ABC Company


ABC Company acquired New Networks and needed to

a. Change market perception of the company

b. Increase it's awareness in the enterprise market for networking

  • ABC had less than 5% awareness in enterprise market,
  • New had 27% and Established Inc. had 65%
  • ABC was perceived as a Canadian firm without any viable products for the enterprise market
  • ABC’s century-old culture was highly resistant to change, especially to rapid change

Actions taken:

  • Developed a range of brand identity options, from minor changes of existing ABC identity to entirely new "look and feel"

  • Conducted customer and employee research to determine viability of each identity

  • Gained agreement with senior management on new corporate name (ABC Networks) and brand identity. Implemented a consistent brand identity across multiple, autonomous business units and geographies

  • Gained acceptance for rapid change via presentations and broad-based communications

  • Developed online standards and tools to support employees and external vendors in implementing the brand identity and messages in advertising, branding, web, collateral, communications and product design


  • Defined and launched two-pronged brand identity in 9 weeks in a culture that had failed to fully implement a consistent identity previously. The benchmark for such work was 26 weeks, set by Lucent.

  • Phase one graphically linked the New Networks and ABC identities together to give existing customers a frame of reference.

  • Phase two introduced the new company's name and logo

  • Achieved 80+% compliance with new brand identity across four autonomous lines of business and all regions within six months of launch

  • Increased awareness 7-fold – from 5% to 35% within 18 months

  • Developed comprehensive branding strategies for mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs -thereby decreasing time required performing marketing analysis in acquisitions or spin-offs by 75%.