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References and Salary Desired


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References are a valuable and irreplaceable resource.

  • Tell all of your references in advance not to answer any inquiries about you unless they have been cleared by you to do so.
    • Say "I'll get you my references once I let them know you'll be calling"

    • Do NOT give them out until you have an offer which is usually contingent on a reference check anyway

    • The hiring company should respect the fact that you do not want to impose on your references more than necessary.

Salary Desired

Most large corporations have structured compensation programs with established salary ranges for most positions. Many times the job posting will tell you the range. Usually executive level jobs do not. Companies with ranges are seeking to bring people in "at or below the midpoint of the range"

  • If at all possible, don't specify salary desired. Try to learn the salary range for the position. Ask any contact that might know or can find out what it is.
  • You can see for the market rate But, bottom line is that the company knows what it wants to pay, so "negotiable" is not a bad answer.
  • Say that you can't judge that until you have full knowledge of what the package is that they will offer: insurance, paid holidays, car, working from home, stock options, personal days, sick time, health club, memberships subscriptions"
  • " Lee Kirkwood, who founded WIND, used to say that references shouldn't be provided unless the next action was a job offer"
  • You don't know what the full job encompasses, and they don't know what you have to offer until they have seen you and spoken to you.
  • Try asking if what the range for the position is.
  • If asked tell them you aren't sure what the responsibilities are in the job and after you have a better idea you could be in a better position to provide that information.