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Business Card Options


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       It may be obvious, but business cards represent YOU. You can be basic and just have your name, phone, fax and e-mail address. You may wand content on the reverse side or insert a logo. You may want to insert a custom or clip-art logo. You may want to produce a series of cards targeted to classes of people you expect to contact.

       Who should you use to produce your cards? A printer would charge in the area of $30 for 500 one-sided single color cards with or without a standard logo you could choose from a book.

Here are some options:


Do it yourself:  maximum flexibility, 10 at a time, Color, B&W whatever you want to do - one sided only.

Use Avery Inkjet "Clean Edge: card sheets #8871
10 cards per sheet
No perforations
Peel off
Stock is less stiff than a printer's card stock, but acceptable

Another option is Avery #8371

Other Options

Free cards:

The ad says "Business Cards are FREE at"

You can pay $9.99 to get 250 cards without the ad on the back

There is a shipping and handling charge that varies depending on how quickly you want your cards:

  • 21 days -- $5.25
  • 14 days -- $8.95
  • 7 days -- $12.95

The site has 30 pre-developed styles to choose from, or you can upload your own design for an additional fee

There are lots of upgrades listed on the site -- each with a separate charge

Member Review:

  • Having something that tells prospective employers that I wasn't willing to pay for business cards sends a message, I don't want to send, personally

  • Having my business card look the same as other "in transition" folks also sends a message I don't care for. I literally have a dozen cards from different people that are the same design from this company.

Local Printer

Check your yellow pages (obvious)

  • Staples
  • Minute-Man Printing, West Concord 978-369-2808

Minimum order 500; One-sided one color with or without standard logo about $33 (but call them to confirm). Your phone book has a 10% discount coupon. Courteous staff. Reasonable turnaround